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I found this on www.methodx.net and thought it was really good

Being Single ... A Gift???

By Rie Rainer

Being single is not for the faint of heart. There are periods of loneliness and fear, constant questions about when you'll settle down, pressure from family and friends to bring forth grandchildren, and sympathetic looks from married people who believe you are missing out on something. Not to mention the blind dates and having to go alone to parties and weddings. If you're single, you can probably add your own frustrations to this list.

However, incredible experiences of growth and joy can also occur because you're single. For example, when you aren't in a committed relationship, you can focus more fully on knowing God and understanding yourself. Have you considered the gifts of being single? Below are 25 suggestions. Let them stimulate your thinking about other positives of singleness. Then, the next time you are feeling sad and lonely about not being in a relationship, pull out your list and be thankful.

Sleeping spread-eagle in the middle of the bed
Cap'n Crunch for dinner
Singing as loud as you want in the shower
Total control of the television remote
No need to shower or brush your teeth on Saturdays
Spur-of-the-moment vacation trips
Need some quiet time? No problem!
A loaf of bread lasts all week
When the phone rings, you can almost guarantee it's for you
More devotional time
Nobody laughs when you walk around the house naked
Leaving the house without someone asking you where you're going
Turning up the music really loud whenever you feel like it
Always enough hot water for a shower
Hearing a voice speaking to you, and knowing there's a good chance it's either God or you're crazy
Eating ice cream from the container
More time for sports and exercising
Your pets give you all their love
Sleeping in on the weekends
Meeting new people to date
Always having time for friends
Sleeping on the couch does not mean you're in trouble
No need to dirty a cup when you want some milk
No compromising when decorating the house
Learning that only you can make yourself happy


Rie Rainer is a thirty-something single living in Nashville, Tennessee. When she's not writing articles or taking photographs, she is known by her friends as giving the best advice in town.
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