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Hello :)

Another group for Christian singles here on LJ....I like finding more and more of these groups - the support and encouragement we need from each other will only make us stronger in our walk with Him.

I didn't see any bios on here, but just so that we can get to know each other, I will post my bio.

Short version:

Name: KateYCP2k (LJ Name), Kate (real name)
Age: 26
Gender: I'm Just a Girl. :)
Location: Woodbridge, New Jersey, USA
Looking For: Friendship, Romance, etc.

Occupation: Received BA from York College of PA (that's in York, Pennsylvania, people) in May 2000 - Government/Public Administration w/ Speech Communication minor. Currently employed as a Legal Assistant in the Business Litigation Department at Saiber Schlesinger Satz & Goldstein in New Jersey. Hoping to go on and get my Juris Doctorate....I'll do it one of these days....:)

Interests: Reading (Christian and non-Christian books), tennis, traveling, technology, art, New York City, jogging, baseball, politics, government, law, and a lot more. For more see my interests on my LJ.

Religious Affiliation: Catholic

Home Church - I have two!! Here in New Jersey, I attend church at St. Andrew's Church in Avenel, New Jersey. However, I have a home church in Baltimore since I visit my friends down there frequently (and I was considering a move down there earlier this year) - Trinity Assembly of God, in Lutherville, Maryland.

My Journey With Christ: While raised Catholic (Catholic School, church every Sunday, etc.) I did not know the Lord until my freshman year of college at YCP. One of the girls on my floor and I had noticed that the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship had this really cool way of advertising - sidewalk chalk. Intrigued, we went to a meeting, and our lives changed. Since that one night in Fall 1996, I have never looked back. It was wonderful to find supportive, loving people in a God-loving community, people who cared about you, prayed for you and with you, and just loved you with the Lord's love.

I've found that my closer relationship with God since college has enhanced and augmented my Catholic faith, rather than draw me away from it. I get so much more out of the Sunday services that I ever did before. It was due to seeing my faith not as "faith in a box" that I take out on Sunday, but a faith I live 24/7/365

Looking forward to meeting everyone here. Feel free to friend me and I will return the favor. Have a good week - and to those in this community who live in Florida and who were affected by Charley's wrath, my prayers are with you.
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