Katherine Marie (epiphanyofhope) wrote in singlechristian,
Katherine Marie

A Love Poem for Jesus

I originally didn't write this for Jesus, but it easily might as well have been!  It is kinda funny that I was praising Him even before I knew Him!

Every night I hear my heart
Every night before it was torn apart
From the past rocks and spirals
And the everlasting pain of miles

But then I felt the smooth
Voice of a true heart try to soothe
My damaged coiled soul
And heal the pain that had taken its toll.

You unraveled my displeasure
And straightened out my emotion
Of distorted happiness and pleasure
With a soul and a beautiful notion

My heart has broken out
Of The Spiral that spun me around
The spiral that made my pain mount
And made my soul too blurry to be found.

My heart beats with love again
I have regained my friend
Yet my heart now beats for another reason
A reason that will remain in season

It’s all for you
My heart beats for you
You touched my deeper self
Something I couldn’t do myself

You cut the cord to my hell
You caught me as I fell
From the spiral that entrapped me
You straightened my rotten coil so amazingly.

My heart beats for you
You saved my soul too
My heart hasn’t another thing to do
But it will beat for you

If you like this poem, check out my poetry journal: ohsopoetry

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