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Singles Together In Christ
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Thursday, December 14th, 2006
6:29 pm
God Loves the Freaks book
Hey all! I'm a Christian Goth and Geek and author of God Loves the Freaks. It's a book for all of us who are a bit... different... and still Christians. I dearly hope and pray this book finds its way into the mainstream church so they can understand us and stop trying to make people into cookie cutter Christians -- or worse, drive people away!

The book is here:

Here's a synopsis...

God Loves the Freaks points to a serious issue facing the church today -- reaching out to subcultures and those who are considered the freaks of society. The "American Christianity" cult that many churches belong to accepts only members who dress, speak and act exactly the same way. We have somehow turned the church into an elite club where only those who follow man-made cultural rules are welcome. Why is it acceptable for someone to show up in church in traditional Chinese clothing, for instance, but not for someone to have a pink mohawk? The church tries to change the freaks of society, or worse, turns them away at the door. Jesus reached out to those in society who were different, who were outcast -- the freaks. Stephen Weese paints a vision of a church living by grace, in unity; without the legalism that divides and causes us to shun others based on outward appearance. God looks at the heart and he loves everyone, including the freaks. If God loves the freaks, shouldn't the church as well?

I didn't write this book to make money... I just want people to know about it.. how God loves all kinds of people, "normal" or different or FREAK it doesn't matter. God looks at the INSIDE not the outside. He made us all different and it is a beautiful thing. So check it out if you like... and hi to everyone in the group!

Saturday, April 15th, 2006
6:31 pm
Hello. I have an dillema... the girl I am falling for has been acting like she likes me and the relationship turned to the point where we've been kissing and dancing and hugging, all that jazz. She said, after the physical aspect of the relationship started that she just wants to be friends, yet every time I see her she is still acting as if we are in some kind of romantic relationship and wants to be physical, yet admantly maintains that we aren't dating. As such it is making me feel dirty and unfulfilled.

I don't want anything like friends with benefits because nothing will come of it and there's no point of dating anyone if there's zero possibility of advancement into marriage from the start. This relationship as it is, with no hope of advancement (according to her) is feeling more and more hollow every time I see her.

I care about her and want to take it to the next level. I don't know if there is the possibility of her changing her mind if we just hung out more, but I'd want to hang out without being physical if that was the case. I don't know what to do or what to tell her. Does anyone have any advice?
Monday, December 5th, 2005
9:27 pm
Hey. Just joined the community. So I guess I should post some basics....

Name: bruiser2 (LJ), Steven (real)
Age: 21
Sex: Male
Location: Oregon

That's it for now. Might give more info later.
Thursday, January 6th, 2005
12:49 am
Looking for something to do?
Read Psalm 81

I read this today, because I realized and confessed that I had not spent much time with God over the Christmas break. All I did was listen to my local Family Life radio which if you would like to hear can be heard at 997.org.
I kept the peace of the Lord in my heart but it was like I was on vacation from God. There is a difference between having God in your heart and being with God daily.

Psalm 81 Is a psalm that starts with rejoicing in the name of the Lord and then the Lord answers with reply and confirmation of what He did, but soon after instruction and almost correction of how the people of Israel should be living.
This psalm struck me as I read verses 8, 9, and 10

    8 "Hear, O my people, and I will warn you-

    if you would but listen to me, O Israel!

    9 You shall have no foreign god among you;

    you shall not bow down to an alien god.

    10 I am the LORD your God,

    who brought you up out of Egypt.

    Open wide your mouth and I will fill it.

All we need is to listen to Him and that's what I havn't been doing very well lately. His words are right here... His Holy Instructions are right here.

When we don't listen to God~ we are among foreign gods. They don't have names like zues and neptune or mother nature. They are called pride, selfishness, greed and all other forms of self reliance that we turn to in order to be feed and fulfilled.

I relied on myself over Chirstmas break and God certainly opened my eyes to that today.

God is saying here that we put ourselves in Danger when we do not listen to Him and He "will warn us" of our future doom by making it very clear that we are not hearing Him. When you know God for a while and you dedicate yourself to Him once, you may feel at times uncomfortable because you cannot escape God and his love after He knows your name. In fact there is no way to escape God's love because He knows you before you are even born.

If your life seems a bit distant from God, you may need to make a change....
That change starts simply in the Bible
That change is as simple as taking a little time in the Word.... just like I took a couple seconds to crack open the word tonight. I opened randomly in psalms and read the first thing I saw.

I am grateful to God that He put Psalms in a good mid place in the Bible so that in our desperate need we can drop or open randomly to a place in our Bible and it happens to be psalms most the time.

I pray that some of you chose to make that change.... because just like God said in verse 10 "I am the Lord your God who brought you up out of Egypt.... all the same He will be the God that brings you out of your troubles, sets you high on the shelf in His presence, sets a table of peaceful eating between you and your enemies, rescues, comforts and protects.

God Bless you all, and don't dispair, God's plan for your life is prosperity.
May it start with faith.
Saturday, November 13th, 2004
5:41 pm
Hi to my old friends and to my new 1's
Hey, some of the olbies here may know who I am. Just wanted to say hi. I am not a single, but may be soon. Long story, and will talk about it sometime if you want to know.

KG4GSN, AKA Huricane,AKA Howard

Current Mood: thankful
Sunday, November 7th, 2004
9:26 pm
My Prayer to God
Here is something I wrote that I would like to share with all of you.

Dear God,

I love you more than anything in this world. You are my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. My heart longs for you and in it I can feel your eternal love. My soul yearns for your teaching. You are the love of my life. I hope to someday find someone who is just as much in love with you as I am. I pray that will every relationship I am granted that they will grow in your guidance. I pray that my love for you shines through and touches someone's life. Lord used me. I am equipped with tools and I am ready to take on the world and fight for you. Give me patience and mercy through this time in my life. Show me the plans you have for me and I pray that I will always follow the will you have set for my life. I want to do what honors you and makes you smile. Use me to touch the world with your love and mercy. I give everything I have to you. I am not deserving of your undying love for me and I vow to give the love that you have given to me to everyone I see. Lord, put people in my life that will challenge me and keep me accountable as I am growing in my walk with you. These past ten years have been amazing. Without you I heart would be lost. You have always been here for me and I am eternally grateful. In all this I pray, AMEN!

Current Mood: cheerful
Tuesday, September 28th, 2004
8:34 pm
I found this on www.methodx.net and thought it was really good
Being Single ... A Gift???

By Rie Rainer

Being single is not for the faint of heart. There are periods of loneliness and fear, constant questions about when you'll settle down, pressure from family and friends to bring forth grandchildren, and sympathetic looks from married people who believe you are missing out on something. Not to mention the blind dates and having to go alone to parties and weddings. If you're single, you can probably add your own frustrations to this list.

However, incredible experiences of growth and joy can also occur because you're single. For example, when you aren't in a committed relationship, you can focus more fully on knowing God and understanding yourself. Have you considered the gifts of being single? Below are 25 suggestions. Let them stimulate your thinking about other positives of singleness. Then, the next time you are feeling sad and lonely about not being in a relationship, pull out your list and be thankful.

Sleeping spread-eagle in the middle of the bed
Cap'n Crunch for dinner
Singing as loud as you want in the shower
Total control of the television remote
No need to shower or brush your teeth on Saturdays
Spur-of-the-moment vacation trips
Need some quiet time? No problem!
A loaf of bread lasts all week
When the phone rings, you can almost guarantee it's for you
More devotional time
Nobody laughs when you walk around the house naked
Leaving the house without someone asking you where you're going
Turning up the music really loud whenever you feel like it
Always enough hot water for a shower
Hearing a voice speaking to you, and knowing there's a good chance it's either God or you're crazy
Eating ice cream from the container
More time for sports and exercising
Your pets give you all their love
Sleeping in on the weekends
Meeting new people to date
Always having time for friends
Sleeping on the couch does not mean you're in trouble
No need to dirty a cup when you want some milk
No compromising when decorating the house
Learning that only you can make yourself happy


Rie Rainer is a thirty-something single living in Nashville, Tennessee. When she's not writing articles or taking photographs, she is known by her friends as giving the best advice in town.
6:43 am
Hello everyone

It has been a while since people have posted. On saturday I was really discourage about a lot of things and these boys were being really mean. So I prayed to God "I just wish that someone nice would like me". I actually said that. Well a little while after we got to our conference this guy I met over the summer waved at me. And then he came up and talked to me.I don't know if that was concidence or not but whatever. HE is a really good friend of mine. Well just thought I'd post. Feel free to comment
Monday, September 27th, 2004
9:51 pm
Hey Everyone!
It's been a while, and I'd like to get back into this community... so everyone say hello and look for more updates to come!

If you know anyone who might benefit from this community, let them know or let me know and I'll invite them. I'll be toying with the info page soon as well.

:) SO glad to be back
<3 Andrea
Monday, September 6th, 2004
5:05 am
The Greatest Love of All is An Act!
A friend asked me "What is the greatest act of love you can do for another person?"  It was a very interesting question that I never really thought about before but I did come up with a simple answer:

The greatest act of love you can do for someone is to give them your life - not only by death - but by service: giving them your living life.

If you think about it, that is exactly what Christ did for us.  Christ not only served us with his death -- giving us eternal salvation -- but He also gave us His life while He was on earth!  He showed us how to behave and share God's love for others!  He showed us how to live for God!  He told us to serve others. 

Love is an ActCollapse )

God Bless,
Your Sister in Christ

Current Mood: accomplished
Thursday, August 26th, 2004
10:58 pm
New Community :)
Hello everyone,
I have started a new community called theaccounted.  This is for christians to find accountability partners to help them overcome sin in their path to righteousness.  Please read the userinfo of the site to find out more information and to see if you would like to join.

People of all ages and all struggles are encouraged to join! Even if you aren't looking for an accountability partner, I would still like you to join so that you may help someone on their path to righteousness!

You are also free to ask me any questions.  My contact info is in my journal userinfo :)
Thank you and have a pleasant day :)

James 5:16: Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed.

permission granted by lost_in_america
Thursday, August 19th, 2004
8:59 pm
I've got the world on a string...
Well, sort of anyway. Ah, changes, changes, changes. Gotta love 'em, right? Okay, if ya don't love 'em, then you at least have to tackle them at some point. Otherwise, what would be the point of living, if not to grow?

I'm finally at Baylor, and all nestled in. My roommate isn't here yet, though. Hmm....Can't wait to meet her. Moving in was quite an experience. It took about four or five hours, but everything is finally set up and running smoothly, with the exception of my internet connection (I'm on the school's computers), but that's getting fixed tomorrow, hopefully. But anyway...So far, I love it here. I've met a lot of people, all of whom have been wonderful.

Since my last entry, I've given into the realization that my doubts were placed there by God as a form of warning signal and have ended my relationship with Chuck. Or at least the romance aspect. We're still good friends and talk often, but we're just not meant for each other. I have this craving to grow, to ask questions, to search, to know, to journey, and he well...just doesn't seem to have that. I'm sorry, but when it comes to something like life goals and basic personality traits, some difference is good. Polar opposition is not. Don't get me wrong. Chuck is a wonderful person, caring, funny, understanding, and would do anything for you. He's just not the wonderful person for me. So, who is this mystery man? We'll just wait and see. God will reveal him to me, of that much I'm sure.

Well, I'd type more, but I'm really tired. Bye for now.

Current Mood: full
Monday, August 16th, 2004
11:28 pm
Hello :)
Another group for Christian singles here on LJ....I like finding more and more of these groups - the support and encouragement we need from each other will only make us stronger in our walk with Him.

I didn't see any bios on here, but just so that we can get to know each other, I will post my bio.

Short version:

Name: KateYCP2k (LJ Name), Kate (real name)
Age: 26
Gender: I'm Just a Girl. :)
Location: Woodbridge, New Jersey, USA
Looking For: Friendship, Romance, etc.
The Slightly Longer Version For Those InterestedCollapse )

Looking forward to meeting everyone here. Feel free to friend me and I will return the favor. Have a good week - and to those in this community who live in Florida and who were affected by Charley's wrath, my prayers are with you.

Current Mood: relaxed
Wednesday, August 11th, 2004
11:50 pm
To everybody who reads this: a good friend of mined named Elizabeth is having a very difficult time right now. Her mother is in critical condition after some sort of back injury. She has numerous other problems right now. Please pray for her and her family, this is of the utmost urgency!

Please pray for understanding, if the lord has to take her mother
Friday, August 6th, 2004
11:15 pm
I talked to Steve last night; he really opened my eyes (with a little help from God, as he would put it). I called a friend this morning; she can't take me to confession tomorrow, so I broke down and asked my mom. I should have asked my Godmother. That is one step. Now I have to be ready to remind my mom that I need to go. Then I have to go into the confessional, and then I have to talk, and not stall. Then I have to ask for help. Then I get to pray. Tomorrow is going to be a very hard day. Please pray for me I am scared to death. The last time I went to confession I got what's for, I think if that priest was nice to me I might have confessed. Please pray that I don't get Fr. Titus, or Fr. Rudy (I can't understand him) or if I have to, please pray that Fr. Titus is not mean or "disappointed", or that I somehow understand Fr. Rudy. I am so scared my stomach really hurts.

Current Mood: scared
Thursday, August 5th, 2004
10:52 pm
A Love Poem for Jesus
I originally didn't write this for Jesus, but it easily might as well have been!  It is kinda funny that I was praising Him even before I knew Him!

My Heart Will Beat for YouCollapse )

Tuesday, July 27th, 2004
8:53 pm
hello everyone!

i happened to find this page, by noticing it on my friend ohsokatola's page. ::smiles::

I'm excited to be apart of this fellowship.

i hope to get to know some of you.

with a loving heart,
Friday, July 23rd, 2004
9:39 pm
Let the Clarification Begin.
Early this morning, I put up three requirements for a godly relationship (in a variety of communities).  They aren't the only three but I believe that that they are the most important. 
1. Both in relationship with Jesus
2. Character Attraction
3. Same Vision

A Godly RelationshipCollapse )

If you have any comments or suggestions or scripture, feel free to comment! 

Current Mood: accomplished
4:37 am
A night of not sleeping made me think...
I will explain this later (remind me if I don't).  But I think that there are THREE major things that need to be aligned for a Godly relationship to have a chance.  I am not saying they are the only things, but they very very very very important.

1. The person has to have the same beliefs.  This means that both parties have to be Christian.  And not just any Christians, but Christians on the same level.  Meaning, they both gone through the initial stages of being "baby" Christians and are now at a more mature level in their faith. 

2.  They have to be attracted to each other.  This one is the one that everyone agrees on.  But it is more than just physical attraction... it is character attraction (not the same as personality). 

3.  THe Same Vision.  This one is so much overlooked in relationships (not just Christian relationships).  The couple does not have to be involved in the exact same ministry or way of serving God (i.e. both in music or both in preaching, etc).  For example, one person may be called to go overseas while the other to stay.  That relationship would not work out!  A relationship is not for our benefit!  That is just a great side effect.  The main purpose of having a relationship is that the two persons can do more for the kingdom of God together than either of them can do alone. 

Again, more later :)
Monday, July 12th, 2004
2:10 pm
C-Stone Group.
For all of you on myspace.com, I made a group for cornerstone. Here is the link. For all other newcomers to myspace, please join. It's fun and you will have lots of opportunities to meet cool christians and other people, bands, and others. But here is the link to join... http://www.myspace.com or here is the link for the C-Stone group. http://groups.myspace.com/cornerstonefestival enjoy and see you all later... xoxoxoxo
God Bless

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